Friday, May 13, 2011

Matte Painting - Dystopian Armory

Since I'm on some down time while waiting for approvals and more shots to come in for Tall Man, Richard and I decided to use the new Sony F3 to film some stuff and just have something to do while we wait.  We both started off doing some face replacement work on each other but I have gone a separate route into something I enjoy quite a bit, matte painting.

other than a few idea kicking around this is something bigger than my last completed matte - the post apocalyptic down town Regina.  That was just a pure still image turned into a matte.  This time I'm working with a 7-10 second clip.  The difference is pretty clear so far. 

I'll be doing some 3D tracking and from there will be painting out a ton of stuff, adding CG elements, and looking into sky replacement with Vue/Ozone.  The shot is hand held, and Rich walks through it.  Should be pretty fun to work on in my down time!

Here is the very first rough idea I mapped out.

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