Tuesday, April 12, 2011

3D - Tall Man Extension

This is another building for the set extension in Tall Man.  This building will be closest to the camera so it's a bit more high poly than the previous one (Still not a ton of polys honestly - just under 5k).  Using a 2k texture where the UV's were layed out in Maya (Trying to lay UV's out in C4D is...*blows head off*). From there my co-worker Richard set up the street that needs the set extension in C4D so I import the model there and texture it using Photoshop.  From there the lights are set up, a GI is added, tick off the ambient occlusion pass, sprinkle some DOF and badda bing badda boom a set extension is born.  Then tracking, masking, etc as needed to composite of course.

*this render does not have a diffuse added - totally forgot to add it as I turned off my system for the day :(

I also included a screen shot of the 2k texture and the reference used.

Monday, April 11, 2011

3D - Tall Man set extension WIP

Started texturing the 3rd building I modeled last week for a set extension on the movie Tall Man.  Still needs a few more tweaks but nothing too much more since this building will be in the distance and blurred due to some depth of field.  Don't mind the blurred sign - didn't get a chance to change the projection just yet.  Reference included!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

3D - Buildings WIP

Modeling for the day.  Some set extension buildings for the film Tall Man.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Random - New Diggz - Red Hat Studios

Not much of an update but just wanted to show the new digs at Red Hat Studios (previously 2pop) where I will be working at for RHS and SLS work.  Super slick and the desks... man... the desks are to die for.  Made for this line of work and one of the beautiful points to them (which is not seen in the photos) is the bay underneath.  Massive power bar in a bay to tuck the cords inside and have only ONE cord pop out the side.  Clean and slick.  Lovin it!  Excited to be working with Colin and Richard.  Hopefully more photos of the full studio to come!