Thursday, May 5, 2011

Random - Cats

Been very busy lately unfortunately.. but in a good way I guess.  Work, more work, doing work around the condo to get it ready to sell is kicking my ass.  However I'm pretty happy with myself as I have begun to actually cook food for dinner's and now that work is closer to my pad - I walk to work and back now.  A good 20-25 minute jaunt, but it's nice.

Been working hard on these set extensions for the movie Tall Man, and now we got to a couple of the more important structures to build.  I chose to take on the mine building... No reference other than screen shots from the movie. So lining it up has been a bit of a challenge but other than that - shes looking pretty beast.  Can't show anything really yet - but here's a teaser!

Unfortunately since I've been busy with work, setting up Fatal Seduction project, amongst other things - I havent had time to really get back into drawing.  while waiting for a render today I did a couple thumbnails I'll try and get too down the road...

And one last bit - My cats. Love them.  

So here we have Humphrey on the left - age 1 and some.  He was adopted about a year ago after a friend moved to Toronto and couldn't take him with her.  He's all about licking the face early in the morning...

Titus - age 2 and some, which if I had favourites - he would be mine. He is a little trooper. When we picked him out from the humane society he was fairly skinny and concave.  Needless to say he's filled out and then some.  He's had a few problems along the way that required a $3000 surgery on his tummy and has some bad gingivitis which will surely cause problems in the future.  But hey - he purrs no matter what!

And then Zeus on the far right - age 3 and some.  Our first cat, and is definitely my wife's favourite.  He plays fetch and enjoys a good play fight once in a while.  He sleeps like humans (on his back) and meows at you if you say his name.. I think he's advancing quite nicely.. 

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