Friday, February 18, 2011

Concept Art - Space...

Production of an upcoming sci fi/comedy film starts in April.  I (Steam Lab Studio) will be teaming up with Colin Hubick (2pop) to dish out some bad ass VFX for it.  Since it's a sci-fi flick, it needs ships.  There is no real direction as of yet on what the look of the ships will be,  but I got the go ahead to rough up a few sketches for the director.  Each one didn't take longer than 10minutes.  The ships will eventually be physically modelled on a 1:1 scale and modelled in 3d.  The interior of the ships will be arriving in the next month or so.

Feels good to finally be moving on from Faces in the Crowd soon, and to something fresh with a kick ass team.

Check out 2pop.

Check out the rough thumbs.