Tuesday, April 12, 2011

3D - Tall Man Extension

This is another building for the set extension in Tall Man.  This building will be closest to the camera so it's a bit more high poly than the previous one (Still not a ton of polys honestly - just under 5k).  Using a 2k texture where the UV's were layed out in Maya (Trying to lay UV's out in C4D is...*blows head off*). From there my co-worker Richard set up the street that needs the set extension in C4D so I import the model there and texture it using Photoshop.  From there the lights are set up, a GI is added, tick off the ambient occlusion pass, sprinkle some DOF and badda bing badda boom a set extension is born.  Then tracking, masking, etc as needed to composite of course.

*this render does not have a diffuse added - totally forgot to add it as I turned off my system for the day :(

I also included a screen shot of the 2k texture and the reference used.

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